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Convenience Markets

Convenience Markets became a niche market for Gateway Construction Company during the last decade. Gateway is able to deliver a typical store in about ninety days from breaking ground. Clients love this because a quicker delivery than normal improves a client's return-on-investment.


One challenge with convenience markets is taking an oil brand, such as Texaco, and revising its standard corporate design to meet the local planning department's guidelines. The top picture is a Texaco, located in the City of Franklin. Its red brick, shingled roof and custom cornice work pleases the City and adds character to the neighborhood.

Gateway Construction Company has built and developed convenience market sites for many different oil brands, including Shell, Texaco, Amoco, Exxon and Phillips 66.

Convenience Markets

During a business cycle, when maximizing a property's cash flow is crucial to profitability, Gateway has worked with clients to add other spaces to their properties. The top picture shows a Shell that has partnered with a Krystal to increase traffic flow. The bottom picture shows where a rural Exxon has partnered with a favorite BBQ eatery of the locals.