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Key Players

Max G. Wilson, President/CEO & Partner

As the founder of Gateway Construction Company, Max has spent many years learning about commercial construction, real estate and development. His vast range of experience adds great value to the company. He is an entrepreneur in every aspect of his management style. Along with Gateway, he has been involved with two large churches and has served in many different capacities including the business board and board of Deacons. He has also been a member of several local chambers of commerce where he served on the board of directors.

Matt Kuyper, Project Manager

As Project Manager Matt acts as the bridge between the construction site and the office. With a BBA in management from Belmont University and a wealth of hands on construction knowledge Matt is able to blend the philosophies of construction and management to create an effective field team. He is involved in coordinating projects from conception to close. His scope of work is broad, including preliminary design, estimating, proposals, scheduling and communicating with clients and subcontractors. All these functions serve one purpose: to make projects run as smooth as possible for the client.

Bryan Burger, Lead Field Supervisor

Bryan rejoined the company in 1996 after working for Gateway during periods of his high school and college careers. He holds a B.B.A. in Marketing and has gained most of his construction knowledge straight from the field. His responsibilities include the day-to-day management of subcontractors and suppliers involved in each project. Scheduling is his most pertinent task. He is always eager to host clients on site during the actual construction. He also contributes greatly by managing all other project managers and field employees of the company.

Chris Kormos, Superintendant

Chris joined the Gateway team in the fall of 2006. After spending some time doing residential rehab work he decided to enter the commercial construction field. His responsibilities include managing the onsite aspects of scheduling and completing general construction requirements. Chris obtained his BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design.