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Company Philosophy

Gateway Construction Company takes a different approach to managing its construction projects. Partner, Matthew Wilson, explains "It's all about creating a great team…starting with our architectural, design and engineering partners to our suppliers and sub-contractors. Most importantly, we always encourage the client to play an active role as a team member. This keeps everyone focused on the real goal: adding value to the client's organization."

It's all about the details... Gateway Construction Company has spent many years building an effective team of architects, engineers and sub-contractors. By using the same team on the majority of its projects, Gateway is able to build in a more cost-efficient manner, while keeping the level of quality high and minimizing the building time period of each project. Being business owners and real estate investors themselves, the managing partners of Gateway realize that these factors are crucially important to any organization in the current business environment.

Another competitive advantage Gateway has is its small size. Many times over the past years, there have been discussions to significantly increase company size and volume. However, the partners and employees always come back to service-they are simply not willing to trade their ability to build quickly and efficiently for added volume. President, Max Wilson, believes that there is no replacement for management being able to visit projects and remain involved in the main aspects of each project. He also believes that the building process should be a positive, fun and exciting phase for any organization-Gateway consistently makes their projects just that. Customer satisfaction is proven by the following statistic: well over 90% of Gateway's projects come from past clients and referrals.